What is BrewU?

About BrewU

BrewU is a product of Startup Weekend – Milwaukee from November 2013. We formed a team over that weekend to validate the idea around two assumptions:
1. That brewing is a popular in Milwaukee and a large market of residents are interested in home brewing, but don’t know how to get started.
2. Apartments and homes pose limitations/obstacles on the home brewing process

Our vision for BrewU is to remove obstacles for home brewers in order to grow the home brewing market in “Brew City.” Down the road, we hope to create a facility that provides space, equipment, and expertise for home brewers from beginners to experts along with building the home brewing community. Beginners would be able to sign up for an initial class that would walk them through the brewing process while making their own first batch of home brew to take home. Novice home brewers would be able to come in for advanced home brewing assistance. Then expert home brewers would be able to rent equipment and space because of the limitations they have in their apartment or home. But of course, you have to start somewhere, which is why we our hosting our first workshop in January 2014.

Be on the lookout for more events and announcements as BrewU grows.

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Questions or want to chat? Email us: brewumke@gmail.com

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